Frequency Jamming

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Frequency Jamming

Postby admin_ediblefly » Sat Jan 30, 2016 5:37 pm

A couple of weeks ago while running my RC buggy, I noticed that it doesn't obey my commands. This happened near Springers Leisure Centre in Melbourne and it took me a while to catch up with the buggy and bring it back (immobilized). I wasn't worried too much as malfunctions may happen and this was a brand new buggy, which might have been faulty.
So I decided to check my hexacopter and armed it. Even driving the throttle stick to 50% wouldn't make the props turn though. After arming/disarming the copter and moving the throttle stick several times, I knelt beside it and checked on indicators (I don't have separate LEDs to indicate the status, so I have to rely on the light guides that conduct the light produced by the mini APM controller). I couldn't notice a problem, so I disarmed the copter and rose to my feet.
So at this point, without any input from me, the copter took off and hit me at full throttle. I couldn't do much but absorb the shock and break one finger (not to mention cuts and lacerations). I must admit, I could not think about anything else, but radio frequency jamming, as I had problems with the buggy before.
Did you have a similar experience and what is possible to do in order to avoid the jamming?

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