Quanum XJ470 is a popular frame that is sold by Hobbyking. It is relatively cheap 470 mm frame that has some real advantages, like:

  • Foldable, with adequate fixation by big screwsQuanum XJ470 Folded
  • Carbon Fibre design (really strong – crash tested)
  • Adequate machining (aluminium parts properly anodized: black and cherry red)
  • Enough space to accommodate 12” propellers
  • A number of alternative mounting hardware bits for a 2D gimbal

What was sacrificed?

  • Space for your components: all the components will be tightly packed, especially if you have to use external vibration dampeners on your flight controller
  • It is very hard to imagine a 3D gimbal on this frame. It can be modified of course, some people even manage to install removable landing gear. However this defeats the purpose of having a compact foldable quadcopter in our opinionSunnySkyy V3508 Motor
  • Landing gear is not very strong and is likely to fail even from a rather modest crash (which is sometimes a benefit, as the shock is not transferred to the main frame)
  • Not quite enough space to connect the battery
  • 12” props are asking for a decent size motor (such as Sunnysky V3508 for example) but the mounting holes allow to connect those with 2-screws only (smaller 2212 motors can still be connected with 4 screws)Quanum XJ470 Unfolded

Why do we recommend this frame?

  • A compact form factor when folded, a strong design with heaps of power (if 3508 motors/12”props are used) when unfolded
  • Good quality materials and machining
  • Adequate pricing
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