With my arsenal of drones rapidly expanding, I desperately needed something to practice on while all of the batteries were charging. I needed something small, that I could use indoors without the risk of breaking any furniture. With some quick research on eBay I found a solution. The best thing about it: it was on group deals as well. Knowing that this was a great way for not only me to practice, but my family and friends as well, I ordered not one, but three drones.

I could barely express how happy I was with my purchase. The CX10, being the worlds smallest quadcopter, could still pack a punch. I was instantly impressed by the speed and maneuverability of the drone and of course, very much enjoyed the ability to do flips. Another thing that I noticed was the design, it seems more premium than other nano copters. The variety of bright colors also adds to the overall look. When flying indoors, it is unavoidable to collide with something once in a while. I was surprised to see that it survived everything I threw at it. From crashing into walls, to getting tangled in curtains, falling down stairs, to crashing into the ceiling, I never needed to change a single propeller! In terms of controls, it was a bit awkward to use the tiny transmitter, but it is possible to get used to. However, I did find myself accidentally pulling the throttle up while spinning due to the relatively loose controls, something to work on in future models. Overall, the flying is really stable, especially when indoors, my need to compensate any drifting was minimal. 

With some experience, it is possible to pull off some pretty cool stunts. Some of my favorite are:

Flips: This one is simple, just press down the right stick and then push it in the direction of the flip you want. 

Hovercraft: The stability and small size of the drone allows the pilot to fly very close to the ground. Push the throttle to about 60% then use the right stick to 'drive' around. Kind of like Parrot's Rolling Spider but without the wheels.

Obstacle Course: This is quite a straightforward activity, but the maneuverability of the drone is what really makes it fun. Try and fly through some furniture or build an entire course of your own. For an added challenge, change the sensitivity of the CX10 by pressing down on the throttle. Remember, the quadcopter is durable, so don't worry if you crash!   

The CX10 is an amazing drone, both for practicing your flying skills and playing the fun games above. It's a great gift idea for anyone interested in flight. The overall cuteness and stunning design also make it stand out from other options. I would definitely recommend it to people just starting out and flying pros alike.   

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