Never Settle. These are two words chosen by the manufacturer and the two words that perectly represent the device. It is the only phone that I would consider having a truly zen experience. The One Plus One is so powerful, you could never expect it in such a slim and attractive phone package. It is absoulutely amongst the top in the flagship phone category. It contains no compromises and no gimmicky add-ons that lack real world functions. It is similar in size and shape to the iPhone 6 Plus, but is more than ten times as powerful. For this full on phone package, you would expect a high price point that clearly reflects these features. However, this is another surprise that One Plus has to offer. The phone, which comes in two styles, starts at only $299 for the 16gb Sillk White version. 

Overall this is a beatiful flagship phone at an insanely low price. Stay tuned for the full review later!

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0 # Fred 2017-11-12 11:34
Hey, w[censored]'s [censored] review that you've promised?
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