It probably can happen to you that you don't like Mode 1 transmitters anymore, or you bought Quanum Nova Mode 1 kit because the other one was out of stock like me. Or you are about to. As practice shows, you can rather painlessly transform Mode 1 into Mode 2. Below are some tips on how to do the right thing from the first attempt.

  1. First undo 4 screws at the back and remove the plastic brace from the antenna.
  2. Remove the back cover slowly!
  3. Once you have enough access to manipulate things inside, unplug the power cable that connects back panel to the front.
  4. Undo 4 screws that hold each stick subassembly/module in place.
  5. Unplug connectors (be especially careful to remember where each one of them is connected).
  6. Swap stick subassemblies (note the position of potentiometers: it should remain the same).
  7. Important: swap white and red wires on throttle connector. Do so using thin flat screwdriver, pry open the locking tongue that holds metal wire tips. Pull wires and attached tips out, cross them over and plug into sockets until locked in place
  8. Do the same to other connectors, unless you want to reverse channels in the MissionPlanner
  9. Plug each of the connectors back as follows:
       9-1. Former throttle back to its original place
       9-2. Former elevator back to its original place. In original configuration for Mode 1 wires for throttle and elevator connectors were crossed over. In Mode 2 they should not be crossed over
       9-3. Former yaw to roll
       9-4. Former roll to yaw
  10. This should complete the transformation

Nova Tranmitter after Transformation

Nova Tranmitter after Transfomation to Mode 2: Wires swapped in Throttle and Elevator connectors only

Questions and Answers:

Q1: Why is it absolutely mandatory to swap wires within throttle connector?

A1: If you follow the wiring to respective potentiometers, you’ll see that elevator and throttle operate reversed to each other. Once the mechanical part of the transformation is complete, you cannot reverse the channels within the controller, as the receiver will send a wrong failsafe signal to the controller once the connection is lost between the units. The failsafe function is hardcoded in Nova receivers and cannot be modified it unless you know how to hack into it.

Q2: How to reverse channels in MissionPlanner?

A1: I strongly recommend to swap the wires. Generally many built in variables can be modified through MissionPlanner (APM GCS). Reverse function is available under Advanced Parameters tab.

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