A Summary of Tutorials and Feature overviews of Zero UAV YS-X4 controller.

It's been more than half a year since we have first purchased is from HobbyWow. It was our first controller and we have trialed it a lot (with varying success). It has its upsides and downsides, but let's take an overview first. As a good part of this article will be video feature overviews, so please be patient as you will see "To be Continued" notice at the end of it for quite a while.

Automatic Take-off

It is a good feature if you want to build up confidence in the multicopter control either in yourself or in someone who did not have previous experience. First, the take-off is possible in semi-automatic mode. All you have to do is switch the controller into Auto-Hovering mode and take off by pushing the throttle over 50%. It will nicely take-off in almost vertical trajectory and fully stabilise at 2m including GPS positioning. Watch the video below on how to perform the automatic take-off:

PTZ lock

This is similar to some functions in APM controller, however quite a bit extended. The main difference is that it is not a separate flight mode, but rather a function in itself. This means that you can fly in PTZ lock mode both in Auto-navigation (Waypoint) mode and in GPS-positioned mode while controlling the multicopter with the sticks. We have tried the PTZ function many times with a varying degree of success. The "stick" flight seems to go rather smooth and without too many problems. PTZ lock Waypoint flight seem to suffer closer to the end as the battery charge wears off (this is a common problem across the range of other flight modes as well). See the video below on how exactly does the multicopter behave during the PTZ-locked Waypoint flight.

To be continued...

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