After some experimentation with multicopter gimbals, we ended up with a spare gimbal control board. The board was initially a part of Tarot 2D gimbal that we thought was faulty. An obvious choice was to turn it into a new project that would result in a handlheld stabilization system for Sony Actioncams.

This turned out to be an interesting project and the gimbal works well. We have designed it so that it is suitable for travel and gives users a vantage point in crowded environment (which many European destinations are)

There are quite a few handheld video stabilisers (gimbals) in the market, mainly designed for GoPro. FeiYu Tech make GoPro gimbals with their 2D version being around $240 mark + $25 for an extension rod. It is a good product, but we did not want to compromise and designed all the load bearing parts from carbonfibre. Also Sony Actioncam shape allowed us to create a clip-in holder that is more convenient in hamdling.

What were the main components used?

  • Carbonfibre sheet, 1mm (available on ebay for appr $15 per sheet) - 1 piece
  • Carbonfibre tube 22 OD, 1mm wall thickness (appr $10-15)
  • Nylon spacers, M3 (24 and 30mm long) 
  • 2D Tarot Gimbal controller (you can purchase the entire kit on e-bay for appr $50)
  • 8"X12" Acrylic sheet (appr $5)
  • Sparkfun Arduino Joystick (~$7-8 with breakout board)
  • Sparkfun Mini Arduino Pro (~$10) - this one is handy if you want your joystick to cmmunicate with Tarot controller properly
  • Turnigy gimbal brushless motors ($18 per piece)

We have used the gimbal on our recent trip and the overall impression is rather good. It allowed us to film nice and professionally-looking videos with smooth filming of attractions, nature and people. See other articles on what you can do with the gimbal and also on how to set it up.



Tarot 2D Gimbal Controller

2D Tarot Gimbal Controller

Nylon Spacer

Nylon Spacer

Arduino Mini Pro

Arduino Mini Pro

Brushless Gimbal Motor

Brushless Gimbal Motor

In order to summarise this introduction: we have learnt a lot while working on this project and we would like to share this knowledge. Please post your comments below and let us know which aspects of 2D gimbal design interest you more.

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0 # Janosch 2016-04-21 20:29
Looks very cool!

I hope you [censored] post [censored] th[censored]gs like that!

Go on :)
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0 # josephinevelarde 2017-09-05 11:10
I th[censored]k [censored] EVO GP-PRO GoPro gimbal is a much better choice. Check out [censored] specs [censored] Let me know [censored] thoughts once you’ve tried it.
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0 # vidente gratis 2019-11-13 07:53
Es[censored] es verd[censored]eramente bueno, eres un blogger muy profesional.

Me he unido a tu RSS y deseo localizar más cosas en este
gran blog. [censored]emás, !he compartido tu lugar en mis redes sociales!
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