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Please make sure you have a kit of aluminium parts or an old Tarot 2D gimbal before printing this project. You will also need a mini-BGC controller, and BGC-style joystick (as shown in the video) and 1 KCD-101 rocker switch. Some wires (preferably gauge 26 silicone wires) and 1-cell LiPo batteries of appropriate capacity may also come handy.

The idea of this project was borne when my first Tarot gimbal didn't quite make it through another copter crash. The controller was ruined and (as you may know) the replacement is expensive. Also the aluminium parts were twisted and had to be manually brought to shape. At that time I decided to buy a new gimbal, however I didn't quite want to throw the broken parts away. I already had some experience in transforming 2D gimbals into 3D, so I thought using the same principle may work with Tarot gimbal, too.

Previously I would use something like Hobbyking Brushless Gimbal and add another motor at the top to connect to anti-vibration plate. However, these designs proved to be weak, as the third motor had to fight a substantial momentum of inertia (while being located too far away from the camera). Tarot design presents an opportunity to attach the third motor much closer, if you follow some of the modification recommendations in the video.

The mini-BGC controller proved to be a good solution for a handheld compact camera gimbal. It can be successfully hidden in the body of 3D printed gimbal. Also, the connectors are comfortably located to allow the smooth operation of the device.

STL files can be downloaded from here.

Watch the video and let me know your thoughts:

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