This website is a community for technological enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. Here, they can come together and create machines and gadgets, then share them with the world. At EdibleFly, we provide our users with many platforms to publicise their opinion. These include comments sections, a forum, and for registered users, a vast database of ideas made by the community. The goal of the ideas database is to unite those who have resources to those with ideas, turning a bunch of motors and rods, into gimbals, or 3d printers, or whatever people’s imaginations are capable of creating. We also create frequent reviews and tutorials of devices new and old, comparing their functionality, price and even how easy they are to build yourself.

EdibleFly is dedicated to rewarding people who are registered. We believe that the public should have just as much influence on our site as we do. This is why we allow all registered users to post their own articles, showing everyone else the progress of their project. Our website is also constantly updating itself. If you want us to add an extra feature to our website, just post it in the forums and we will try our best to improve ourselves.

As a guest, feel free to read around in our articles, post comments and visit the forum. All contributions are highly valued, and so are recommendations to friends.

Whether you visit EdibleFly to find out what to do with the electronics you have, or to share your knowledge with our community, we hope you enjoy the website and come back for more!

Our main directions:

Practical robotics in general, such as multicopters, rovers and other related projects.

Arduino and Raspberry Pi: coding for sensors, theoretical and practical applcations.

Other ideas, such as interesting and alternative cooking recipes, interesting facts about gaming, etc.

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